8 ways to style a Maxi Dress!

This summer in particular I have been loving maxi dresses. They’re so easy to wear and are one of those staple wardrobe items for the summer that easily be transformed from a day outfit to a night one. However since it’s a distinct style, after wearing your dress a few times it may seem redundant and well..boring. This need not be the case! Here’s 8 different ways to style your maxi. 

1. Belt

A belt can really add something

A really easy way to transform the look of a maxi (or any dress for the matter) is to add a belt. Depending on the style of your dress, this tip can transform the shape into a more curvy look, as well. What kind of belt to use? That’s totally up to you! You could opt for a thick and woven belt, a thin and sparkly belt, or even a dark and spiky belt! Cinching in a flowy dress at the waist immediately makes it more feminine and can give you curves in all the right places!

2. Denim Jacket

Kim Kardashian looking casual yet classy

Depending on the weather or if you want to transform your dress into an evening outfit a denim jacket may be the perfect outer layer. A denim jacket is extremely versatile as it can turn a fancy dress into a much more casual one or it can dress up a plain one..

3. Scarf

As modelled by the Gorgeous Jessica Alba

If you’re looking for a way to add some style to your maxi dress, a scarf is a great option! There are so many different combinations out there with the types of print and style of scarves there are.If you like your dress too much to wear a jacket over it in the evening, a scarf is an alternative. There are also numerous ways to tie one or you can drape it over your shoulders.

4. Statement Necklace

The necklace makes the plain maxi dress more elegant and ready for an occasion

I keep saying again and again I LOVE statement necklaces. They truly transform an outfit. If you’re a bit bored with your dress, the right necklace can make it look like an entirely different dress. Vibrant colours or funky designs can give your dress a real lift.

5. Shoes!

If you arent willing to change the look of your dress then you still transform your outfit by changing your footwear! For a more casual look try flat shoes, slipper style shoes look great; if you’re going out then opt for a nice pair of heels. Wedges look just as great and for a more casual look, army style boots looks just as great! Changing up the style of shoe is also a good tip if your maxi dress is the tiniest bit too long – a heel can fix that!

6. Leather Jacket

Similar to the denim jacket, the leather alternative is great for transforming your look from day to night. This type of jacket gives any dress an edgier, more stylish look especially if your maxi is quite feminine.

7. Transform into a Skirt


This is one of my favourite things to do with a maxi dress. It takes versality to a different level! If you have a top that you really want to wear and love the look of a maxi skirt, don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a whole new item! If your dress is the appropriate style for this, all you have to do is wear the top over the dress and voila! new ensemble! 

8. Blazer

If you’re wearing a maxi dress for a more professional sort of occasion, you may not want to show your arms or too much skin. By pairing a blazer overtop, which adds a hint of professionalism to begin with, you’ll be ready to take on the world!

and there you have it! 8 fabulous ways to transform your maxi dress and get more wear out of it. Take your summery maxis into the next season with you with these tips

How do you prefer to wear yours? Have you been inspired? Will you be trying any out?

Love R x


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