10 weird & wonderful facts about me!

This weeks’ collablogate theme is “inside out” and so today’s post is going to help you all get to know me a teeny weeny bit better. I’m going to share with you some weird and wonderful facts about me and maybe even a dark secret or two!

10 weird and wonderful facts about the fashion and beauty blogger

1. I have a qualification in hypnotherapy

2. I worked as a manager in Harrods when I was 22 for a concession in….the toy department!!

3. I have an OCD about my hands. I smell them regularly and if they don’t smell clean I die a little inside

4. I am in possession of a world war 2 medal and a newspaper from 1951 – incidentally, both found in my home under the flooring.

5. I had no idea my name wasn’t actually Rosie until I started school. Apparently I cried when my teacher wouldn’t call Rosie!

6. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Alice in Wonderland.

7. Despite having the worst singing voice in the world, I co-wrote and recorded a song in a recording studio (cringe)

8. I had my own business making and selling t-shirts for about a year whilst I decided what career I wanted to go into. Definitely something I’d love to do again and something I’m extremely proud of.

9. I have been stopped on two occasions at an airport in India where the staff took my passport and grilled me about my parent’s because they thought I was an actress’ daughter.

10. I bought my blog domain name 6 years ago but only started my blog in 2013, it’s like I just knew this was meant to be 😉

Tell me a weird or wonderful fact about you?


What are your thoughts?

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