This week I’ve been completely on trend and I’m even going to go as far as saying I’ve totally been rocking it. Mesh over denim is the casual grunge look that literally anyone can pull off. I first noticed this look whilst browsing the Topshop website and I came across these amazing jeans attached to a tulle skirt. I had come over all heart eyed and knew I had to recreate this look somehow because I wasn’t about to spend £46 on a pair of jeans!

mesh over denim

Since I already have a pair of blue skinny jeans (also from Topshop!) I decided it was unnecessary to splash out on yet another pair. Instead I went on the hunt for a mesh skirt. It actually didn’t take me long at all because on my next shopping trip I discovered that New Look were selling a very similar tiered mesh midi skirt that would look fantastic on top of some jeans!

The New Look Skirt was priced at just £14.99 and so of course I bought it. I went home that day and sought out a pair of blue denim jeans that weren’t too dark to get lost under the denim and not too light either. Next I had a quick rummage to see what I could style it with.

mesh over denim

After lots of tops being thrown about my room, I decided to stay super casual with my outfit and teamed it up with a basic black polo neck t-shirt.I threw on my white converse and I was ready to go.

You’ll have to excuse the overly contrasted picture, the denim just wasn’t picking up on my iPhone so I had to go in hard with the exposure! Here are some more “normal” photos.

mesh over jeans

mesh and jeans trend

I love that the skirt is really flow and doesn’t stick to my jeans. Initially I was worried that I would look huge as I don’t have very skinny legs but honestly I think it looks great.

So far I’ve worn this mesh skirt twice already and it’s so versatile. I can definitely see myself wearing it over a number of things so if you follow me on instagram be warned, there’s going to be a ton of these outfits headed your way!

Transitional dressing is tough. Let’s face it, who isn’t bored of the same old jeans and tee year after year. I’m definitely loving this trend and can’t wait to see how my new skirt looks over a pair of mom jeans next!

What do you think of this trend?


I’m someone who stocks up on micellar water because I use it every morning and evening without fail as a pre-cleanse. As lazy as I am, I still love to double cleanse but a good swipe of micellar water really helps to get the bulk of makeup off my face before I give it a good scrub. I’ve been trying out a number of different types of micellar water’s and so far out of 4 that I’ve purchased, there’s only one that I would repurchase.

This first step is such an important part of my cleansing routine and I’ve done some pretty hardcore research into which are good products and which are great ones, but of course I’d still need to try them out on me. So armed with all this knowledge (and none of the cash! ha) when I sat browsing and picking my monthly Love Me Beauty Box choices, I almost fell off my seat when I saw Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment was available to try.
Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment review

The cleansing treatment is a bright blue product that is said to stand out in the skincare world, not just for it’s looks but it is a-mazing as a no water cleanser.

Since the bottle didn’t come in a box and the only directions for use were “Dr Perricone recommends saturating a cotton pad and smoothing liberally all over your face in the morning and evening. No rinsing is needed after the application.” I took to Google to see what the brand actually had to say about the product.

Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment is a no-rinse formula that deeply cleanses makeup and skin-aging debris as it gently exfoliates and conditions, leaving an instantly smooth and radiant appearance. Paired with Micellar molecules and powerful Blue Plasma technology, this gentle cleanser works to trap skin pollutants, unclog impurities from deep within pores and allows for optimal delivery of actives. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, the treatment hydro-fuses skin with nutrient-enriched water and other key ingredients that include Salmon Egg Enzyme and Copper. Skin feels soft to the touch and looks smooth, fresh and radiant.

On further investigation I found that there are 3 main (super) ingredients that separate this product from the average cleanser.

A bio-specific exfoliating agent designed to remove dead skin cells without irritation.

A cluster of molecules that attract and trap debris. Composed of a hydrophilic end, which is attracted to water, and a lipophilic end, attracted to grease and oils, they work to effectively target impurities.

Historically used as a healing agent that calms and soothes the skin, copper repairs and promotes skin health and contributes to the formula’s delicate blue hue.
Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment

In all honesty, by this time I felt pretty excited to see whether this would actually work. I grabbed a cotton pad and applied it. There is a faint fragrance, nothing too strong. It smells faintly medicinal but it’s barely there so not an issue at all for me. The first thing I noticed was that unlike a makeup removing micellar water, this product has a thicker gel like consistency (due to the salmon egg enzyme). One quick wipe and it removed a lot of makeup. I used as much as I would normally use and I was very impressed. I have to say, I’m not sure I’d feel fully comfortable using this as a standalone product to clean my face in the evening but for one off’s and minimal makeup days when you’re shattered, it could work.

As you all know, I have sensitive skin and the blue plasma cleansing treatment removed unwanted debris and impurities without causing any irritation to my skin at all. I did notice that unlike a lot of other micellar products this cleansing treatment removes dead skin too and so it leaves your skin looking more even and less congested (thanks to the copper!). For me, as I used this more and more Perricone’s cleanser has became a miracle product that I couldn’t not reach for. The sides of my nose usually feel clogged up by the end of the day but whilst I’ve been using this treatment the sides of my nose doesn’t look flaky/bumpy and my makeup sits so much better around my nose. My skin wasn’t left feeling tight or dry either which is rare for me.

A slight downside is that a bottle of 118ml is £36 which in all honesty is quite steep. I’m a big believer in the idea that you don’t have to spend a lot on products but I also believe that you get what you pay for. Skincare has always been something that I’m happy to invest in, I mean you only get one skin after all! Since I’m super lazy when it comes to skincare, this product is perfect for me. It takes away a lot of the effort and is amazing for those days in between exfoliation to remove excess build up of clogged pores.

This could also be perfect for travelling, when you’re not always near a bathroom but need a spruce up.

Would I purchase this product? Absolutely! It’s definitely something I think everyone should have a bottle of in their bathroom for those lazy days.

This weekend I have been seriously busy swatching and testing out some amazing products that I want to share with you all. Today I want to introduce a seriously exciting brand called Lisa Blur.

Lisa Blur state that their brand “was created by and for people with a passion for makeup. We believe in enhancing natural beauty as much as we believe in creating strong, defining looks which transform. Makeup is both an art and a lifestyle choice, not just something you wear, but for maximum comfort, our products are still hypoallergenic, easy to apply and long-lasting.” Sound pretty good right?

Lucky for me, Lisa Blur were kind enough to let me pick three of their products to review, so naturally I opted for 3 different items. The first I went for is their single eyeshadow pot in shade Xray. The colour is a a pink toned brown with a soft shine to it. The colour actually surprised me because it’s so pigmented and it picks up really well on my brushes as well as my finger. I like sticking to matte colours usually because I have very big eyes but since this isn’t too glittery I love it. The subtle shimmer means it’s fab for every day wear as well as for occasions. So far, it’s even worked well as a transition shade and I can definitely see myself stocking up on these. XRay retails for £12.50 but some of their shadows are priced at £10, which to me is very reasonable!

Lisa Blur XRay eyeshadow

Lisa Blur XRay swatch

The second product I opted for was their ‘Sheer Glo’. Honestly, I was so intrigued by this product and what I could do with it that I had to try it out. Lisa Blur describe Sheer Glo as a truly versatile illuminator. It gives “your skin an instant glow wherever you apply it, both on top of foundation and bare skin; highlight your best features with this uniquely pigmented, shimmery formula. The illuminator suits all skin textures and types, particularly dry and mature skin.” It just sounded so dreamy that I had to try it out.

Lisa Blur Sheer Glo Fake It

I chose shade ‘Fake it’ which is a pale peach. I wanted a natural illuminator rather than a full on highlight and this is exactly what I had hoped it to be (and a little more!). First of all I love the sleek packaging. The fact that it has a pump gives it more brownie points. It’s really easy to dispense but I like the hygienic factor.

Sheer Glo is a really creamy highlighter, think MAC’s Strobe cream but much easier to blend out. The colour ‘Fake It’ is stunning, I found it difficult to pick up with my lighting but when it’s on, it gives my face a really healthy glow.

Lisa Blur Sheer Glo Fake It Swatch

There’s no noticeable artificial fragrance with this either so this makes me super happy! I love that the illuminator isn’t just full of glitter, it’s actual shimmer. Sheer Glo is priced at £15 which is reasonable and there are four different shades to choose from. Will I be purchasing this product in the future? Most definitely!

Lastly, I chose a product that I haven’t had in my makeup collection in about 10 years – lipgloss!! Since Kylie launched her lipglosses I’ve found a sudden fascination for them and so when I saw the Luxe Lip glosses that Lisa Blur has bought out I had to try one. I chose shade ‘Bling Bling’ which is a dusty pink with brown undertones.

Lisa Blur Lip Gloss

I must admit I was slightly concerned the gloss would be really thick and sticky but it wasn’t at all. The colour was really pigmented rather than a sheer sheen. Most importantly though it lasted for 4 hours without any smudging, smearing or feathering. I did have to remove it before I ate but I was glad to find that it didn’t stain my lips either. The Luxe Lip glosses are sold for £15 and there are 20 different shades available to choose from.

All in all, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at Lisa Blur’s cosmetics. The packaging, product and price point all reflect the quality of product and I can see them coming out with some really innovative products in the future. Sheer Glo is by far my favourite and if you’re curious to see what I’m so excited about then I’ve got even better news for you – get 15% off site wide using the following code: Y1XSZVEY6FXZ


I’m still on the lookout for something that will diminish my dark circles without me having to undergo any kind of cosmetic procedure and one product that I had heard rave reviews on was the The Body Shop’s Oils Of Life Eye Cream Gel.

Formulated with caffeine, oleic acid and black cumin seed oil, this cream/gel is said to help reduce signs of aging around the eyes. Most of the eye/dark circle related products on the market have some sort of caffeine in it but the ingredient that had me most intrigued was Black seed oil. If you’re from the middle east or an Asian background you’ll more than likely have heard of how great it is and how many different uses this miracle worker of a product has. Generally I don’t frequent The Body Shop much but I made a special trip just for this eye cream.

On first impression I loved the packaging. the entire Oils of life range comes in an orange tub with a black screw cap. There’s also a lid in between so that the product doesn’t spread all over the place. It looks a little bit more luxe than some of the previous packaging I’ve seen on other products. I know that lots of people do say that tubs are really unhygeinic but on small tubs like this it doesn’t bother me, plus my hands are always sanitized when touching my eyes.

The gel itself isn’t completely clear, it actually has minute shimmery particles called  micro-pearls that you won’t feel or see on applying but it illuminates the eye area. For me, I use this as a night cream so the illuminating aspect is wasted on me plus I don’t really want to be drawing attention to my dark circles.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the tub up was the scent because it’s quite unusual, it has a spicy fragrance but definitely not one to dislike. It’s actually grown on me because of how different it is to the usual florally scents that products have.

As soon as I put the eye cream to my face, I loved how it melts into the skin so easily and keeps the area moisturised and hydrated without being oily. It is very lightweight and does not feel sticky at all.

Despite how dry my skin can get, I really dislike thick, heavy textures on my face. I was really pleasantly surprised at how light the consistency was and so you definitely need very little product each time you use it.

As soon as it’s on, it instantly gives a cooling effect on the eyes and feels so good after a long day. Definitely no stinging or irritation on my sensitive skin. Priced at £20 for 20ml, this product is an absolute bargain. It will probably last you the entire year because a little really does go a long way.

Other than the ingredients, the other other thing that really drew me into purchasing this product was the statistics that are clearly printed on the box:
  • Eye contour looks smoother – 100%*
  • Radiance appears revived – 96% agree*
  • Dark circles appear faded – 90% agree*
  • Wrinkles appear smoother – 87% agree**
  • *Results of Eye-Cream Gel self-assessments on the eye contour – 50 women
  • ** Results of Eye-Cream Gel self-assessments on the eye contour – 100 women

Let’s face it, those are some pretty high statistics. That paired with the fact that The Body Shop is an ethical brand that wouldn’t just throw statistics like this around, had convinced me that this was a product that I had to try. I’ll be perfectly honest, so far I haven’t yet seen any results at two weeks into using the product. I have been getting less sleep than usual and not been on top of my water intake game so I guess that all plays a part. I will continue to use the product and see how I get on. So far though, I am really enjoying using the product and I’m really hopeful that it will yield some pretty good results!

What’s your favourite eye cream?


Alright, so my scheduled ‘comeback’ didn’t quite happen. I’m not sure why but something feels a little bit…off. I use my Twitter platform to stay connected with lots of other bloggers and signing back in properly after a month feels all weird. Some of my fave bloggers have deactivated, some are taking an indefinite hiatus and other’s are saying they don’t feel like they fit in any more. If I’m honest, I’m kind of getting the same vibes. Still, for someone who has a very very short attention span, I’ve never stuck to something for this long (7.5 years!) and I’m not about to give up on it now. I have come to a decision though and I’ve decided to be less ‘editorial’ and more real/diary-esque, because that’s what I always enjoy, having a sneak peak into other people’s lives. Not that mine is at all interesting, but hey, you’re here reading this so it can’t be all bad!

Zara Stripy Floral Shirt

So now that I’m getting into the swing of normality after recent events, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I’ve been loving lately..

  1. Don’t fall off the bridge – I’m not a gamer. I generally do not download games on to my phone at all, because a. I’m very very competitive and it can get ugly and b. I don’t do losing. This game however had got everyone in my family (and now my friends) hooked! I can’t seem to get past my score of 67 but others are on 400. It’s so so frustrating but I love it!
  2. Inglot liquid lipsticks – These babies aren’t a recent discovery but after a recent inglot haul, I rekindled my love for them and I have to say they’re really very good. They’re matte but not at all drying and very very pigmented. They don’t crumble or peel off over the course of the day and they’re completely touch proof.
  3. Prawn cocktail crisps sandwiches – I didn’t realise how few people know about how delicious prawn cocktail (Walkers) crisps sandwiches are. Please tell me you’ve tasted one?
  4. Instagram – I know, I know, the algorithm screwed us all over big time and growth is near impossible at the moment, but there’s something about it being such a challenge and results paying off that makes it kinda rewarding.
  5. Oversized denim jackets – I’ve always loved denim jackets (on other people) but I’ve never been sure about how good they look on me. I always thought the stiff structure of the jacket made me look broader then I am so I’ve stayed away, this season though I’ve finally purchased an oversized one which looks wayy better on me. Can’t wait til the weather warms up now!
  6. So Cosmo – I finally ditched Netflix for HayU because – Kardashians. However, it’s actually something else that I’m loving. So Cosmo follows the drama that takes place in the office of Cosmopolitan magazine in New York and I am hooked! Currently there’s only 5 episodes that have aired but so far I’m loving it!
How have you all been? And what have you been loving this past month?