Nars Climax Mascara Review

Last week I got sent a sample of NARS’ latest mascara release – Climax. I had read about it briefly in a magazine but didn’t pay too much attention to it because I’m honest,  I’m a contact lens wearer and I have extremely sensitive eyes. On a normal day I try and avoid wearing mascara because I pick bits off and they get stuck into my eyes and well, all hell breaks loose. So far, I have only found two mascara’s that don’t do this so my hopes for Nars Climax mascara were not at all high.

NARS Climax

The packaging

The packaging is a big bright red tube. The full sized product has ridges all along it but the sample size is a smaller red tube with the branding in white. Very different to their usual black and white packaging. I kinda like it.

The brush is big, bristly and, ahem, ribbed for your pleasure, its custom-designed brush (exclusive to Nars) offers a refreshing amount of control despite its full-bodied size. I really thought, it wouldn’t allow me to get into the roots of my lashes but the bristles are very flexible and the brush is surprisingly well designed. It even managed to coat the tiny lashes in the corner of my eyes.

The formula is a lovely “whipped” (gotta love NARS for sticking with their sexual themed products) mousse like consistency which means it’s very easy to spread across the lashes and for the formula to stick to them without clumping. I was finding that the formula wasn’t extremely wet and dried quite quickly. Huge hurrah because it was really easy for me to layer up a few coats without making a huge mess and ending up with panda eyes.

NARS Climax Mascara

The results? Subtle but very noticeably volumised and lengthened lashes without it looking like you’re wearing mascara. The colour isn’t exceptionally dark so again, it looks more natural than made up. Is there room for something like this on the market? Absolutely! Not every day dark exaggerated mascara.

I am also extremely happy to report that the formula didn’t crumble by the end of the day and even when I touched my lashes, because it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on them, the temptation to pick the mascara off wasn’t there!

Would I buy it?

Nars Climax mascara is priced at £21 which isn’t exactly cheap but then again NARS is a high end brand so a higher price tag is to be expected. On a normal day I would scoff at the price tag and not think about it again BUT I’m going to be 100% honest here, I am going to be buying the full sized product. It’s actually perfect for me, I love the ease of it and the fact that it doesn’t clump! It’s definitely great for an everyday mascara as opposed to one you’d wear on a night out. Your lashes will be left looking naturally beautiful, but maybe not show stoppingly longer/volumised.

If like me, you like subtle, long lashes that look very natural then this is the perfect mascara for you. If you prefer very thick, volumised lashes and don’t mind a bit of clumping then this is not the one.

Update: Since writing this post I’ve now purchased this product so I’ll come back to this post with better photos of the full size product and the mascara in action. Watch this space! 🙂


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