Decleor Phytopeel Exfoliating Cream Review

Today I’m talking about Decleor’s Phytopeel Exfoliating Cream which is part of their Aroma Cleanse range. It was recommended to me by a friend who has amazing skin and switched to using Decleir a few years ago. Although I have seen it in department stores, even way back when I worked in John Lewis, but it was never really a brand that called out to me so I always dismissed it.

decleor phytopeel review

Decleor Phytopeel Exfoliating cream is exactly what it says on the tin– cheerfully yellow tube. It’s a very pretty, pearlised cream that contains clay to help deep cleans and leave your skin feeling super smooth. Decleir is all about using natural essential oils in skincare so they’ve created an ‘ingenious’ formula using Essential oils of majoram, lavender, lemon, thyme, extracts of burdock, elder and mallow. Intriguing. In fact I was so intrigued I looked up all of the properties for you so you don’t have to:

Green Clay – Absorbing, purifying, brightening.

Plant Extract of Burdock – Purifying.

Lemon – Astringent.

Marjoram – Refreshing, calming.

Lavender – Antiseptic.

Thyme – Bactericidal.

The cream itself is quick thick and tacky, it definitely feels more like a face mask. The scent is also quite medicinal but still natural, nothing too pungent. The directions state to smooth on a medium layer of this cream all over the face, avoiding the eyes, and leave to dry for a few minutes. Easy peasy.

decleor phytopeel review

decleor phytopeel review

When the cream has dried down you are then instructed to rub off the cream in circular upward motions till it starts to ‘peel’ off. This is where it went all downhill for me. Firstly, to get the product to peel of the skin you have to rub quite roughly. I have dainty hands and zero strength in them so this became A LOT of hard work. Not something i want to be doing after a long hard day at work. By the end of it my skin was getting quite sore and my only thought was ‘no wonder it’s exfoliating, if I have to paw at my skin that roughly!’.

The cream rubs off in little flakes which I also didn’t like. I’m just not a fan of mess, especially not all over the bathroom sink.
Lastly, you’re advised to rinse any remaining product away. This in itself is quite difficult because you’re left with a slight greasy film and I couldn’t help but feel there was still some product left behind. Using a toner seemed to resolve this slightly but I wasn’t left feeling like my face was squeaky clean.

decleor phytopeel review

I persevered with this product and this is something I shouldn’t have done really. My skin goes through sensitive phases and one week where it was feeling particularly fragile, the product left my skin looking and feeling sore. Definitely not for all skin types as advised.

I personally won’t be buying this product again and if I’m being really honest, I have actually got rid of it from my bathroom vanity. If you did want to try it for yourself then I would only recommend it to those with oily skin and if you’re a fan of cleansing balms and happy with some product residue left behind.

The product is £30 for 50ml (more high end than high street) and can be purchased from a range of retailers below.



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