Style Steal GG Marmont matelassé mini bag Dupe

Style Steal GG Marmont matelassé mini bag Dupe

Hi guys! I’ve shifted my scheduled posts around to bring you this one ASAP. You might have seen the debut of my latest bag purchase on Instagram. 

Style STEAL Gucci dupe

The Miranda Quilted Cross Body Bag from Accessorize is a bag of dreams. In fact I knew there was a reason why I loved it so much. After a few hours of staring at it, it finally hit me. The Miranda bag is a major style steal and reminiscent of the Gucci Matelassé Mini. The monochromatic chevron design and the half chain/half leather (PU) handle are both very similar. 

I had originally seen The Miranda online and then when it featured in one of Lily Melrose’s haul videos and I saw how it looked on a real person as opposed to just the one photo of it on a model, it really sealed the deal for me. I had to have it. 

Even luckier for me, I had waited so long deciding on whether I actually wanted to buy the bag that it had gone down in the summer sale! 

From £25 down to £12.50.

Twelve pounds fifty! Absolute bargain.

Update: It’s now £7.50 – LOL(?)

The Accessorize bag features no gold branding on the front which I’m really glad about. The chevron pattern with the quilting is just enough to make it look high end. The only other gold work is the two zips along the top which open up to two compartments. I actually love the size because it’s big enough to carry all of my essentials plus a few other bits that i probably don’t need but like to carry anyway!

I’ve tried fitting my Olympus Pen camera (with the pancake lens) into it and I’m pleased to say that it fits in perfectly.  

Purchase your bag below or by clicking here. 

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