Vegetarian Breakfast at The Breakfast Club

I am on a mission to track down all of the best All day brunch serving restaurants in London so naturally my first stop was going to be – The Breakfast Club.

The restaurant opened its doors to customers in 2005 as a small cafe in the heart of Soho. Since then it’s taken off by a storm and has been opening up restaurants across the capital.

Now let me just address the fact that I’ve both heard of, seen with my very own eyes and scoffed at the fact that the queue that is out the door on Sundays. Luckily I was visiting midweek so we were given a seat straight away. The interiour is the opitome of cool and I loved everything about the set up. Full of cool furniture, brick walls, wooden tables and cosy little sofa’s, it’s actually the perfect set up for a relaxed Sunday Brunch.

Since both my friend and I only eat halal meat we decided to try out the two vegetarian full English options that were available.

THE FULL MONTY or to be more accurate, the vegetarian version is called REGGIE THE VEGGIE (V) in some branches. It is made up of Veggie sausage, home-style fried potatoes, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato, beans & toasted multigrain bloomer (£9.50). Beans in a separate pot and not one but two single portions of butter?? Looks like TBC and I were going to get along very well.

THE ALL AMERICAN is the second English breakfast option that can also be made into a veggie dish. This is made up of pancakes, eggs, vegetarian sausage, fried potatoes & maple syrup (10.50). There’s less faff like beans and mushrooms and straight to the good stuff with this one.

I’m still reeling off the fact that they offer two full English option for vegetarians. Scanning over the rest of the menu, there actually is a lot available for vegetarians and this made me very very happy. I mean do you know how difficult it is when your non halal meat eater friends want to go out for breakfast!?

My friend and I are happy to share dishes so I got to have a bit of both but Reggie The Veggie was definitely my favourite out of the two. I was dreading the veggie sausage because let’s face it, not all quorn/veggie sausages taste good. This however was amazing because it tasted more like a fresh falafel (I think I read somewhere that it’s made from butternut squash) and I could easily have eaten about 10.

The portions are really generous and I loved that neither of the dishes were greasy; although they were hearty meals, I didn’t feel completely gross and bloated after I had eaten. If I had one suggestion to them then I would definitely ask for an extra veggie sausage!

I really loved how the staff are attentive but yet they’re really chilled out. Despite the demand to get in, the staff are never pushy, nor do they rush you.

The Breakfast Club have taken a really simple but very delicious concept and run with it. The fact that they even sell their own merchandise is pretty cool. They even have their own brand of “Lemony Lemonade”! The restraurant is a place for everyone, including this with little ones and there literally is something for every dietary requirement.

Would I recommend The Breakfast Club? I definitely would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

Would I go back? I’m actually planning to go this weekend! Bracing myself for the Sunday brunch queue!



What are your thoughts?