Spring Wardrobe Additions

Spring is in the air. I know it, just you watch. I mean, yes we’re still twitching our curtains to see if the last of the snow has melted away but technically it’s SPRING!

ASOS had a sort of sale on last week with 20% off selected items and so of course I had a quick look. In the end I ended up buying 5 essential items that I really wanted to invest in but had been putting off. I’m not sure why but I just hate buying one odd item (even though I have premier) and always put it off until I do a proper shop. Weird, I know. Anyway let’s get to it, here’s my run down of things that I bought this week.

Chelsea Wellies – So I have to admit that I do already have a pair of Hunters – these ones specifically. They’re my second pair of Hunters (the first got ridiculously destroyed one year at wireless!) and as much as I love them, they’re not the most practical. I find that they’re quite heavy and not very….flexible.

So for that reason I’ve been meaning to buy some short ones. I didn’t want to get another pair of Hunters boots so  I saw these beauties and couldn’t not buy them. I love the V shaped elastic on the sides and the the slightly pointed toe. The chelsea boot style makes them so easy to wear on an every day basis. April showers, come at me!

The verdict – I generally hate buying shoes online and without trying them on because of my wide feet but I am happy to report that they fit and are extremely comfy. Oh and they come with insoles too which was a nice surprise. For £20, these are an absolute bargain!
Just a small side note – if you’re not too keen on the shiny patent look then they also come in a matte finish.
Buy yours here.

White trainers/plimsoles – Ok so I have been looking to buy two pairs of trainers. An all black pair and all white pair for quite some time now. I’m generally not a sporty person or a trainer wearer so I kept getting really confused. I like the look of some but then I find that the brand logo’s and branded detailing make them too…trainer-y. I know I know, I’m fussy.

After actual months of looking, I came up with the solution to buy an all white unbranded pair or one that wasn’t from a sports brand. Mostly so I could see whether I was really going to wear them without having to pay a hefty price tag first and then regretting it.

I saw these ASOS trainers and honestly they were perfect. No fuss and no frills and to be quite honest, the fact that they’re wide fit had me completely sold.

The verdict – I tried them on and honestly, I really really like them. They’re good enough for an Athleisure kind of look, without verging on being too sporty. They’re also SO comfy thanks to the wide fit sizing, obviously not as comfy as actual trainers would be but still good enough for me. Another bargain here at just £18.
Buy these here.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Asos Red – I find wearing red lipstick very intimidating. The few times i’ve worn it in the past, it’s gotten very messy and feathered or made me self conscious about my teeth. This year is all aboutt pushing my makeup boundaries though, so since I’ve got a few events coming up, I decided to invest in a red lipstick that I know would solve some of the issues I’ve been having. Beauty Bakerie is a brand I’ve coveted for a long long time and their lip whips are my favourites due to the longevity so it was only fitting that I get a shade of red to add to my collection. Blog post with swatches coming soon!
Standard £16 price tag but if you’ve tried these, you’ll know they’re worth it.

The Verdict – You need it. That is all.
Buy yours here.

Missguided High waisted Blue Jeans – I’m on the hunt for a good pair of jeans. The only blue jeans I own at the moment are very light blue so I want the perfect pair of dark blue jeans in my life. I know that ultimately I’ll end up in Topshop and buy a pair of Joni jeans but there’s no harm in searching elsewhere first, right? I bought these Missguided jeans on a whim really and initially I wasn’t sure what to think.

The verdict – I like that the stitching on them is black rather than yellow/orange, however they’re very very long and very very high wasted. My whole stomach can be enveloped within the jeans (not necessarily a bad thing) but I’m still left with lots of bunching up at the bottom. I’m in two minds about them but it’s more than likely I’ll keep them because I like the fit. £20 isn’t bad either considering they fit really nicely and they’ve got the stitching on point.
Buy yours here.

Hunkemoller Jersey Moon Pj Jacket – I must admit I am one of those people that genuinely lives in their PJ’s. If I’m not doing anything I will wear PJ’s all day and then change into another pair to sleep in. If I am doing something during the day, then I will come home and change into my PJ’s as soon as I get in. So it’s safe to say, I get A LOT of wear out of them. I’ve recently had a small clear out of my nightwear and needed some replacements.

Usually I would find £16 an extortionate amount to pay for just one half of PJ’s, however they have moons and stars on them and I’m a little bit space obsessed. Plus it’s a proper nightshirt which I prefer over t-shirts so I couldn’t not buy it.

The verdict – LOVE it! In fact I most probably will buy the bottoms too. The quality is great and did I mention space print??
Buy them here.

I know I haven’t yet put in photos of the items that I’ve actually taken, but I will. I’ll add them in once I wear and use them all xo





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