Steakout Tooting Bec Halal Restaurant Review

Ever since a new Steakout branch had opened locally I had been meaning to try it out. As with most things it got put on the back burner and it was only as I was passing the branch in Tooting Bec that I decided to visit.

It was a weekday so it was very quiet. I always assume that quiet restaurants mean that I’m going to get amazing service – my mistake!

So T and I walk in and pick a seat. We’re welcomed reluctantly by a member of staff who clearly cannot be bothered to be there. This doesn’t bother me but what does is the fact that the tables are really sticky. We had a look around at the other tables and none of them had been wiped down properly and to make it worse the floor was sticky and dirty too. In hindsight we probably should have left at this point but both of us were way too hungry and didn’t have the energy to get up and find somewhere else.

Having scanned over the menu, it was only right that we ordered steak. I decided on the butterfly chicken steak and after much deliberation T ordered the lamb steak.

The food arrived promptly which was great however I was a little bit confused when I looked down at what was presented in front of me.

steakout butterfly chicken

My sizzle platter dish (yes that’s actually the technical name for it, I looked it up!) had been piled up with really random things. First, steamed vegetables including huge pieces of cauliflower were there. Why, I do not know but it definitely wasn’t for me. Next there were the fries. I was expecting steak chips because hello, steak restaurant, but nope I was presented with skinny fries and then to top it off, there was the rice. I’m not quite sure what this rice was supposed to be, perhaps they were going for the Nando’s peri peri rice concept but it wasn’t working for me or my tastebuds. The rice and steamed veggies were both pretty bland.

All the randomness aside though, the chicken was nice and I genuinely did enjoy the taste of the peppercorn sauce.

I have to admit T’s steak looked much better and tasted pretty good too. Unfortunately she didn’t get steak chips either, but instead got thicker cut chips that tasted artificial. Like they weren’t made of potato lol. Strange but honestly very true!

Steakout review lamb steak

You all know my love for condiments and I was hoping they would redeem themselves in this department (mostly because I wanted to drown those veggies in something spicy) but sadly there was nothing but ketchup on the table. I don’t know a single person that eats ketchup with steak but ok.
I requested some chilli sauce and the waiter told us they didn’t have chilli sauce either, just a weird salsa/ketchup/chilli sauce mix. Not quite sure how an Asian run place doesn’t stock real chilli sauce tbh.

The meal was overall a very confusing experience. The meat itself was great but everything else, including cleanliness of the restaurant failed miserably.

The only consolation is that the meat we were eating was HMC halal certified.

Would I recommend the restaurant? No
Would I visit again? Absolutely not.
What about a different steak out branch? I’d be willing to give it a try but I’m definitely in no hurry!





What are your thoughts?