Nasty Gal Wishlist

If you’ve been following me on Instagram over the past week you’ll know that my spending habits have been out of control. Somehow I’ve managed to put a heavy dent in my bank account and have decided it’s probably time to stick my credit card in a bag of water and chuck it in the freezer so I can’t touch it.

Since giving myself a serious talking to, I’ve decided to window shop instead and just create a wishlist on here. One brand I completely overlooked whilst I was throwing money at brands was Nasty Gal. I only just realised that I am loving everything they’ve got in store at the moment and almost everything I like is under £30! I suppose it’s just as well because I would have spent all of next months pay cheque too!

Here are my top 20 picks from the Nasty Gal website (scroll right to see more!):

What’s your favourite piece from my top picks?


What are your thoughts?