The week that I tried Ramen

This week started off on a high as it was Eid on Sunday. Family and fun fuelled by lots of fantastic food (my English teacher would be proud of that alliteration!). I wanted to wear a Pakistani suit this Eid and despite having Green Street (the hub of asian clothing) on my doorstep it was a lot harder to find than I thought it would be. Still I ended up with an outfit I really loved.

Eid outfit

I decided to give contouring a go (YES, 10 years after everyone else, don’t judge me!). It’s SO addictive and not at all as scary as I thought it was going to be. I also reviewed the ABH cream contour kit here.

This week I’ve been shopping the Mango Sale and I’m just gonna come right out and say it Mango > Zara. Although I love Zara, their prices and quality don’t always match up. Plus who only takes a fiver off and then calls it a summer sale. Like, really?!?

As much as I love buying things on sale, I’ve been checking out new collections and there’s some really pretty stuff in most stores. Is anyone else wishing for Autumn now?

I’m also lusting after these two jackets from Topshop. The kimono is reversible AND it has pockets. I mean what more could I ask for???

The second thing I’m falling for more and more is this feather and sequin jacket. I’ve shown it to both family and friends and they’ve all threatened to disown me if I buy and wear it. It’s not that bad is it? Someone enable me!!

Bone Daddies Curry

I tried Japanese Soul food for the first time and boy have I been missing out! Who knew fried chicken in a broth with noodles would taste pretty darn delicious! Plus they provide bibs and hair ties!!! Review coming up this week so watch this space!

How has your week been?




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