Prada SS17 Credit Card Holder

I wrote a really long post about the things I got for my birthday last month but I just couldn’t press ‘publish’ on the post. I felt a little bit like I was humble bragging. The thing is I love reading and seeing what other people get for their special days so it wouldn’t have been any different but still I just couldn’t do it. After a whole month of still wondering what to do, I decided to go ahead and do a separate review on something I have waited years and years to get my hands on – A Prada purse!

Prada Credit Card Holder SS17

I’m someone who doesn’t change their purse regularly. I don’t like buying new ones often because it’s not like they go bad and I’m happy to admit that for almost 10 years I’ve been using a small DKNY coin purse gifted to me on my 17th birthday and a separate card holder from Accessorize for my credit card/Oyster card. This does mean that I never ever have any loyalty cards on me – I dread to think how many Boots points I’ve missed out on!

I guess growing up I just wasn’t much of a designer girl. I wasn’t too keen on spending hefty price tags for a very plain bag (or a designer logo plastered all over it, how tacky). As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve learnt to appreciate real designers *cough*not you Michael Kors*cough* and throughout the years I’ve always come over heart eyed over Prada products. I feel like their designs are so classic that they’re always going to be an investment. I always told myself that one day I’d treat myself to something Prada.

This year my friends and I have decided to pool in and buy one really special present for each other and my goodness am I happy with mine. The Prada SS17 credit card holder is one of their newer products and it is beyond beautiful.

Prada Credit Card Holder

The design is so me that it was practically screaming my name when I saw it. Although the credit card holder comes in a few different colours I picked Begonia pink and Jade green because if you haven’t guessed already it’s my favourite colour combination! If you’re not so girly, this particular style also comes in three other colour combinations (there’s even one to give Gucci a run for their money!)

The wallet measures at 5.9 inches in length and 3.7 inches in height. It’s neither too big nor too small to fit into your handbag and unlike traditional purses it’s not at all bulky. The wallet is made from saffiano leather which means it’s scratch proof and dirt can very easily be wiped off.

I generally don’t keep much cash on me anymore (so I can still continue to use my coin purse! yay!) but with the Prada purse I’ll definitely have enough space for everything. The card holder has two ‘document pockets’ which I’ll probably be using for loyalty cards and important receipts that I need to keep hold of. The extractable card holder has three slots to fit my most important cards in.

Prada Credit Card Holder

My most favourite thing about the card holder is that there is a separate, smaller card holder that comes out of the purse that I can use if I’m using a small clutch for the day or if I need to carry just my oyster card/credit card for a day out.

I love that Prada’s authentication certificate is actually a little card itself and the box that the credit card holder comes in is real ‘luxe’.

The prestigious brand are currently killing it with their SS17 designs. The Prada SS17 credit card holder is priced at £295 and can be purchased here.


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