Garden Inspiration for this Summer!

Now that the weather’s warmed up a tad, it’s difficult to remember just how bad the winter was. Remember the torrential rain and horrific winds? Yeah me neither, well only slightly because my garden was absolutely destroyed. My garden chairs were completely broken and the glass dining table has a scary shatter mark in it.
Since I love spending time in my garden and I want to spend more time meditating I’ve decided to give it a revamp. I want somewhere comfy that I can both blog from and also just chill out in when the weathers warm. After hours trawling through the web to find something suitable for my garden, I narrowed it down into 3 sections. Relaxation, Garden seating and some sort of cover or shelter from the sun. I’ve decided on the following three and can’t wait to get them ordered.
garden furniture
I’ll be honest I wish I could have absolutely everything from Fishpools Garden furniture section because they’re all of the goals! My absolute favourite is this amazing Caribbean inspired Hexagonal Gazebo . If money was no object then I’d have snapped it up 5 minutes ago! Still with almost £500 off it’s original price, it’s very very tempting! I love the shape and how part of it can be taken otu to create extra seating. It’s so perfect!

When we’re entertaining, my family love taking guests out into the garden so having enough seating is absolutely essential. I’m really loving the idea of having cushioned seating as opposed to metal chairs that I had last year and this SORON Rattan 4 seater coffee set from B&Q is ticking all the right boxes.

If all else fails and I can’t get a huge umbrella I might consider getting a gazebo for the garden. I want something a little bit luxe looking and I have immediately fallen for this Hexagonal Gazebo from Homebase. Considering it’s only £99, it’s a complete bargain!

So far, I haven’t ordered anything yet but I’m really leaning towards the daybed. What kind of garden furniture is your favourite?


What are your thoughts?

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