Lisa Blur Cosmetics Review and Swatches

This weekend I have been seriously busy swatching and testing out some amazing products that I want to share with you all. Today I want to introduce a seriously exciting brand called Lisa Blur.

Lisa Blur state that their brand “was created by and for people with a passion for makeup. We believe in enhancing natural beauty as much as we believe in creating strong, defining looks which transform. Makeup is both an art and a lifestyle choice, not just something you wear, but for maximum comfort, our products are still hypoallergenic, easy to apply and long-lasting.” Sound pretty good right?

Lucky for me, Lisa Blur were kind enough to let me pick three of their products to review, so naturally I opted for 3 different items. The first I went for is their single eyeshadow pot in shade Xray. The colour is a a pink toned brown with a soft shine to it. The colour actually surprised me because it’s so pigmented and it picks up really well on my brushes as well as my finger. I like sticking to matte colours usually because I have very big eyes but since this isn’t too glittery I love it. The subtle shimmer means it’s fab for every day wear as well as for occasions. So far, it’s even worked well as a transition shade and I can definitely see myself stocking up on these. XRay retails for £12.50 but some of their shadows are priced at £10, which to me is very reasonable!

Lisa Blur XRay eyeshadow

Lisa Blur XRay swatch

The second product I opted for was their ‘Sheer Glo’. Honestly, I was so intrigued by this product and what I could do with it that I had to try it out. Lisa Blur describe Sheer Glo as a truly versatile illuminator. It gives “your skin an instant glow wherever you apply it, both on top of foundation and bare skin; highlight your best features with this uniquely pigmented, shimmery formula. The illuminator suits all skin textures and types, particularly dry and mature skin.” It just sounded so dreamy that I had to try it out.

Lisa Blur Sheer Glo Fake It

I chose shade ‘Fake it’ which is a pale peach. I wanted a natural illuminator rather than a full on highlight and this is exactly what I had hoped it to be (and a little more!). First of all I love the sleek packaging. The fact that it has a pump gives it more brownie points. It’s really easy to dispense but I like the hygienic factor.

Sheer Glo is a really creamy highlighter, think MAC’s Strobe cream but much easier to blend out. The colour ‘Fake It’ is stunning, I found it difficult to pick up with my lighting but when it’s on, it gives my face a really healthy glow.

Lisa Blur Sheer Glo Fake It Swatch

There’s no noticeable artificial fragrance with this either so this makes me super happy! I love that the illuminator isn’t just full of glitter, it’s actual shimmer. Sheer Glo is priced at £15 which is reasonable and there are four different shades to choose from. Will I be purchasing this product in the future? Most definitely!

Lastly, I chose a product that I haven’t had in my makeup collection in about 10 years – lipgloss!! Since Kylie launched her lipglosses I’ve found a sudden fascination for them and so when I saw the Luxe Lip glosses that Lisa Blur has bought out I had to try one. I chose shade ‘Bling Bling’ which is a dusty pink with brown undertones.

Lisa Blur Lip Gloss

I must admit I was slightly concerned the gloss would be really thick and sticky but it wasn’t at all. The colour was really pigmented rather than a sheer sheen. Most importantly though it lasted for 4 hours without any smudging, smearing or feathering. I did have to remove it before I ate but I was glad to find that it didn’t stain my lips either. The Luxe Lip glosses are sold for £15 and there are 20 different shades available to choose from.

All in all, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at Lisa Blur’s cosmetics. The packaging, product and price point all reflect the quality of product and I can see them coming out with some really innovative products in the future. Sheer Glo is by far my favourite and if you’re curious to see what I’m so excited about then I’ve got even better news for you – get 15% off site wide using the following code: Y1XSZVEY6FXZ


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