Pink Heart Bracelet From Lifestyle Blogger

Pink Heart Bracelet From Lifestyle Blogger

I love to look at pretty jewellery, in fact I always notice it on other people but I rarely wear it myself. Over the years I’ve amassed a great deal of costume jewellery but I moved away from wearing it all. Very recently I was very kindly sent a bracelet from The Lifestyle Blogger UK and all of a sudden I fell back in love with jewellery again.

The bracelet is a string of pink metal hearts on a stretchy elastic band. I’m someone who like taking my jewellery on and off throughout the day and so I was really pleased that with the stretchy band it made it really easy for me to do that. I love that it’s not actually plastic either so it will be pretty hard wearing.

I’ve teamed it up with a number of different outfits and I can safely say that it can be worn with a casual outfit or when I’m dressing up for an evening. This week I teamed it up with a Boohoo jumper dress, black leggings and some ankle boots.

What are your thoughts?

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