Being Braver and Bolder

My word of the month has got to be brave. There’s so much that I’ve done this month without overthinking and working myself up into a tizz. I feel more myself than I ever have and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I really am not like others. I know what I’m comfortable with and I’m no longer afraid to say no. I’m indifferent to what others my age are doing and all I’m seeking is progression, inner peace and happiness. If it only it was that easy, right?

In the upcoming months this new found courage will definitely be put to it’s test as certain things I’ve been avoiding have got to be faced. Hopefully I’ll share some of it with you guys along the way and you’ll keep me sane. For now though I want to share with you an outfit that makes me feel brave. This stripy culottes jumpsuit is from Ax Paris (bought from New Look) and is currently still available to buy online and some New Look/Debenhams stores.

AX Parix stripy culottes jumpsuit

I usually overthink my outfits 1000 times before I walk out the door and usually I would be thinking, can someone with curves wear stripes? Can you really wear culottes when you have cankles? Am I really going to wear something with pockets on my hips? The answer to all of the above is yes, yes and yes! I’ve realised that I no longer care about what you should and shouldn’t wear. There are some things that suit my body shape more and I’ll always gravitate towards those things but it shouldn’t stop me from stepping out of my comfort zone and experimenting.

I wish I had taken more photos in this outfit but it was ridiculously windy and I literally had 45 minutes before I was leaving to catch my plane home so I had to shoot off to do some last minute packing.


What brave things have you been doing?


What are your thoughts?