OOTD: The Maroon Maxi Skirt

The week a few friends and I took advantage of the warm(ish) weather and headed out to play crazy golf. We decided to visit Jurassic falls adventure golf which is just off the A12. The course itself isn’t very big and even though the place wasn’t packed out, people were still queueing up after every course which did get slightly frustrating. Nonetheless it was a great laugh and the perfect weather for it but most importantly, I scored my first ever hole in one! This is super exciting because I’m terrible at anything remotely sporty, so this was one heck of an achievement.

The day was finished off with a real hearty meal at Gokyuzu. It’s actually the only restaurant next to the golf course so we didn’t have much choice; it’s just as well that the food is actually really nice!

Now that the weather is slightly warmer, I’m slowly transitioning my wardrobe into less drab and more fab. I had a giant clear out last weekend, tidying away my really thick winter jumpers and filling bags for charity of all my clothes that I haven’t worn in 6 months or over. It wasn’t easy letting go because I’m such a hoarder but I felt so much better for it. I rewarded myself by going shopping (obvz) and came back with this gorgeous skirt from none other than Primark. The skirt comes in a range of colours but I opted for maroon because I’d be able to wear it in Autumn too without it looking silly.

It was still a little bit chilly so despite it having two splits along the front I wore it with black opaque tights. I’m never really too sure on what shoes to wear with maxi skirts when it’s not warm enough to wear sandals. I was in a tiny bit of a rush too so I put on some snakeskin Topshop pumps and rushed out. It’s definitely a skirt that I’m going to be taking on holiday with me and I can’t wait until it’s actually warm enough to ditch the tights and pair it with a vest for more of a relaxed look.


Some pretty tiles at Gokyuzu

I’m finally finding my love for fashion again, In a weird way, the clear out really helped my mind feel less cluttered and I’m excited. Excited to try some new styles and create a new, slightly older me. I can’t wait to build up my wardrobe with some fun pieces and of course, share them with you on la blog.

Skirt – Primark | Polo Neck – New Look | Backpack – Urban Outfitters (Similar) | Jacket – Warehouse (Similar) | Shoes –  Topshop



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