Shoes Glorious Shoes

Or should I say, ‘shoes gorgeous shoes’. This year I held back from splurging out in the sales. Nothing took my fancy and I refused to buy something just for the sake of it. In addition, the stores which I was anticipating, disappointed. Badly. I mean, am I the only one who thinks £5 off an item isn’t a sale?

New look have recently really upped their game on both shoes and bags in the past few years and the fact that they do wide fit shoes really wins plus points from me.  Whilst browsing their sale section, I got kind of, sort of, carried away and ended up with about 15 different items in my basket including these three beautiful pairs of shoes/boots. 

The laced boots were only £11; the boots with the buckles are real leather and went down from £50 to £20 and the patent androgynous shoes were only £8! To top it all off, they’re all wide fit! Blisters be gone,

Did you buy anything in the sales this year?



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What are your thoughts?