Sonam Kapoor Cannes Festival 2013 Inspired look

Sonam Kapoor’s look from the Cannes Film Festival last year was right up my street. She looked absolutely stunning and knew exactly how to pull her look together. She and/or her stylist found the right mix of traditional with contemporary.

Since I loved her look so much, I decided to recreate it for myself and show you guys how you can too.

 As a side note, I am completely aware that my phone camera quality is pretty abysmal, I will recreate this look again at some point in the day time and take better quality pics!

So going back to the original photograph, if you want to play it safe and use the exact same products Sonam used on her face then you’re in luck because Namrata Soni, L’Oreal Paris’ beauty expert has revealed the products to be the Black Lacquer SuperLiner on Sonam’s eyes to create the striking eyeliner and ‘Very Berry’ lipstick, which is also from the L’Oreal range. A bronze palette palette was used primarily with the L’Or Sunset Color Riche to add depth to the look.   

Unfortunately I don’t own any L’Oreal products *insert sad face here* and since I’m on a spending ban until the end of the year I won’t be able to purchase any. I did however dig deep into my make up drawer to find what I could in order to recreate the look.

First of all I primed my face using MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage primer. I like to leave it on for about 10 minutes to set.
Next I move on to the all important eyes. It’s important to know the shape of your eyes. Just because a certain look looks amazing on a celebrity doesn’t mean it will look the same on you, especially if the look doesn’t accentuate your features.
Sonam Kapoor’s eyes are much smaller then mine so my eyeliner was a little less thicker than hers. I still liked how the winged tip was drawn back to the ends of her eyebrows so I kept it that way. I made sure that the outer parts of the liner were thicker so that my round eyes would look elongated.

Next I started with the eyeshadow. Namrata used a gold shimmer on Sonam’s eyes to lift it a little bit. Since my eyes are pretty prominent I ditched the shimmer and went for a matte eyeshadows instead. I used the Sleek Divine Palette for the whole look. I started by blending from my crease upwards and bleanding it into my brow bone. The colour I used was ‘Conker’ I used ‘Nougat’ to highlight my browbone slightly. Next I used ‘Regal’ for the outer edges of my eyelid, blending it into ‘Cappucino’ and then ‘Honeycomb’. Remember to go over your eyeliner so that it stays dark!
Sonam finished her eyes off with a natural set of lashes. I used YSL’s False Lash effect mascara to complete my eyes.

Next I moved on to foundation and for this look I used Illamasqua’s Rich Liquid foundation in shade 200. Since it’s a red carpet look, I’m going to need full coverage and Rich Liquid’s highly pigmented formula gives me just that.

Sonam’s berry lips are a fantastic look for this season and MAC’s Diva immediately springs to mind for a dupe of Very berry. I used Sleek’s Eau la la liner in Lingerie 294 to even out my lip shape and make them look fuller, Kylie Jenner’s protege in the making over here! A handy tip for using lip liner is that you needn’t just use it to outline your lips; since it has more staying power than a lipstick, it’s a good idea to lightly colour in your lips before you put on your actual lipstick. That way, your lipstick will be perceived to last longer.

After a quick swipe of MAC Peachykeen blusher on my cheeks, my look is complete!

I cannot end this post without mentioning just how much I loved Sonam’s nose ring, otherwise known as a nath or a nathani. The statement piece was stunning. If you look closely, you’ll notice that this was the only piece of jewellery she wore! So glad that she didn’t go for overkill on the bling! I didn’t have a statement nose ring like her so I opted for a simple one and I love what it does for the look!

What do you think of my recreation?



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What are your thoughts?