Loco Mexicano Review

This restaurant has given me some fond memories and definitely one  I thought to recommend. 

I’m a big fan of Mexican food (Tex-Mex really) and Loco Mexicano was recommended to me by a few people. I’m usually very skeptical of trying new things, especially food…I mean if it ain’t broke, why fix it right? Nonetheless Loco Mexicano did not disappoint. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a friendly waiter and seated immediately. It was a Wednesday evening so it was pretty quiet…not that that was a bad thing! Although I was tempted to try something new, I decided to stick to what I know and ordered my usual Mexican favourite – Chicken Burrito and hoped for the best. When it arrived I was surprised to find that the portion size was huge as the burrito was filled to the brim with chicken and was accompanied by rice, salad and guacamole. Still, since we were completely famished, this was more than welcomed! The food arrived in good time but wasn’t particularly hot.

Every table has a sombrero within reach, so for all you photo fanatics, you’ll be able to keep yourself entertained whilst your food arrives. 

The staff are very friendly and will often converse with customers or try and make them try on a sombrero if they haven’t already. The atmosphere on a weekend is very lively and can sometimes get very loud. The decor is very….mexican but I love it.

Loco Mexicano also serve mocktails and their food is halal so a big thumbs up from me!

PHONE: 020 33182278 ADDRESS: 107 Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UW


What are your thoughts?