Review: Botanics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash

Botanics is a Boots owned brand, working in partnership with Kew Royal Botanical gardens (very aptly nameduses the natural properties and ‘power of plant’ and incorporates it in every day skin care. They have a range of products out atm but this one caught my eye as I needed a new non-exfoliating facewash and I also wanted to get rid of the last of my pathetic excuse of a tan!

 The All bright Cleansing Foam wash is a ‘ lightly foaming soap-free wash, which gently lifts away make up and impurities, leaving the skin feeling detoxified and beautifully cleansed’. Along with some more rather appealing promises such as, brightening booster, mild exfoliation , smoothing. Sounds amazing right? 

The product is a light creamy white-ish/cloudy gel which foams up as you scrub…so you know you’re doing it right! Pretty much straight after the first use I could feel the difference to my skin. After rinsing, it felt amazingly soft, and the cleansing foam wash helped remove my make up residue. I’ve now been using all bright cleansing foam wash for about  two weeks now and In all honesty I haven’t noticed any huge brightening effect at all. Disappointing, especially as it’s called ‘All bright’; however I have noticed that my skin feels cleaner and fresher after cleansing and as a result my skin has been less oily, clearing up some little outbreaks I’ve been experiencing recently. 

The smell is pleasant and not too…herbal-y nor is it too clinical, and the packaging is a nice white tube with the hisbicus flower on the front. I like to mix up my routine but since my skin is extremely sensitive and prone to flare ups, I am always wary of new products. Botanics is a complete bargain at £1.99 for 150ml (at Boots). It’s a great cheaper alternative with natural cleansing abilities which does the job just as well as higher end products.

Overall it doesn’t do exactly as it says on the tin, but it is a decent cleanser and great for removing the last bits of makeup that makeup remover sometimes leaves behind. I wouldn’t switch to Botanics completely, and if you have dry skin, my best bet would be that it would be too drying for you. For oily skin/t-zone users, it’s a definite recommend.


What are your thoughts?